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Adult Beginner (D4) 13+:

Program designed for adults looking to learn or develop skills, get some exercise, make new friends or compete in a low-pressure, recreational environment. This level is for all new players and those still developing skills.

This Co-ed league is for newer and less skilled adults developing personal skills and learning the game. D4 is for recreational fun. All adult players are ranked according to skill and experience level. Games /sessions will last approximately 45 minutes.

4pm  Sundays | 6:30pm  Wednesdays | Additional sessions will be offered during summer months


Adult Advanced (D2) 13+:

Program for adults looking to compete at a high level. Participants must qualify to play at this level based on a rating system. 

This Co-ed league is for more skilled and experienced players. This is a competitive league. Teams are constructed using a draft and player rankings system. Games /sessions will last approximately 45 minutes 5:30pm  Sundays | 6:30pm  Wednesdays

Required Equipment:

All hockey equipment is provided. This equipment belongs to the organization and is not be taken home or to keep.
• Must wear a certified ice hockey helmet. Any player under age 18 must wear a full cage or full visor.
• A Half Visor for adults is recommended
• Gloves – Ice hockey, street hockey or lacrosse gloves
• Stick – any regular ice/roller hockey stick.
• Running or Court Shoes
• Shin Guards – soccer or street hockey type. Ice hockey shin guards are fine.

 Not Required but Recommended Safety Equipment:

• Protective Cup
• Elbow and Knee Pads
• Mouth Piece

Normal indoor athletic wear is recommended such as shorts or sweat pants and t-shirts. 

Please Don’t Forget Your Water!

 Goalie Equipment Required:

• Certified Goalie Leg Pads for Ice or Street Hockey
• Chest Protector
• Helmet with a Cage
• Catching Glove
• Blocker
• Stick


All goalies must wear a protective cup and use a goalie stick. We will have goalie equipment for use so anyone can try it. Red River Hockey Club has a limited amount of loaner equipment available. Each piece of equipment can be rented for the day on a first-come, first-serve basis. Helmets, Sticks, and Shin Guards are $5 each.

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If you would like to be a referee or join our event staff for this or any other Red River Hockey Club sport, please contact Tommy Scott.

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