Rules & Regulations

All players must fill out and sign a permission and waiver form. No exceptions. Minors must have parents or legal guardians sign permission form and waiver.

Sign Required Waiver Here

When and Where: 

Sunday Afternoons & Wednesday nights (Adults)

Times and divisions ultimately depend upon participation

Try it – April 7th and April 14th

April 17th - July 28th

North Port Sports, 4800 Old Mooringsport Rd in North Shreveport


Entry Fee and Payment:


Jerseys/ T-shirts are provided.

• Adaptive – FREE
• Youth – $60
• Adult -$120


League Structure:

• Adaptive
boys and girls with special needs will play in a comfortable environment for fun and instruction. Parents are welcome and encouraged to assist. Games/sessions will last approximately 45 minutes.
12:30pm  Sundays

• Youth 4-6
Co-ed Youth will play with other like skilled players learning basic stick handling, passing, shooting skills. Players will also learn team concepts and good sportsmanship. Games /sessions will last approximately 1 hour.
1:30pm Sundays

• Youth 7-9
Co-ed Youth will play with other like skilled players learning basic stick handling, passing, shooting skills. Players will also learn team concepts and good sportsmanship. Games /sessions will last approximately 1 hour.
2:30pm Sundays

• Youth 10-12
Co-ed Youth will play with other like skilled players learning basic stick handling, passing, shooting skills. Players will also learn team concepts and good sportsmanship. This division will also help 12 year-old players transition to playing with teenagers and some adults in the future. Games /sessions will last approximately 1 hour. 
3:30pm Sundays

• Adult Beginner (D4) 13+
This Co-ed league is for newer and less skilled adults developing personal skills and learning the game. D4 is for recreational fun. All adult players are ranked according to skill and experience level. Games /sessions will last approximately 45 minutes.
4pm  Sundays | 6:30pm Wednesdays | Additional sessions will be offered during summer months

• Adult Advanced (D2) 13+
This Co-ed league is for more skilled and experienced players. This is a competitive league. Teams are constructed using a draft and player rankings system. Games /sessions will last approximately 45 minutes.
5:30pm Sundays | 6:30pm Wednesdays


Required Equipment:

All hockey equipment is provided. This equipment belongs to the organization and is not be taken home or to keep.
• Must wear a certified ice hockey helmet. Any player under age 18 must wear a full cage or full visor.
• A Half Visor for adults is recommended
• Gloves – Ice hockey, street hockey or lacrosse gloves
• Stick – any regular ice/roller hockey stick.
• Running or Court Shoes
• Shin Guards – soccer or street hockey type. Ice hockey shin guards are fine.

 Not Required but Recommended Safety Equipment:

• Protective Cup
• Elbow and Knee Pads
• Mouth Piece

Normal indoor athletic wear is recommended such as shorts or sweat pants and t-shirts. 

Please Don’t Forget Your Water!

 Goalie Equipment Required:

• Certified Goalie Leg Pads for Ice or Street Hockey
• Chest Protector
• Helmet with a Cage
• Catching Glove
• Blocker
• Stick


All goalies must wear a protective cup and use a goalie stick. We will have goalie equipment for use so anyone can try it. Red River Hockey Club has a limited amount of loaner equipment available. Each piece of equipment can be rented for the day on a first-come, first-serve basis. Helmets, Sticks, and Shin Guards are $5 each.


Basic DEK Hockey Rules:

The object of the game quite simply is to strike the ball with the hockey stick and knock it into the opponent's hockey net 5 feet wide x 4 feet high). Typically, a low-bounce type of ball is used. We use a Mylec or D-Gel regulation ball. For added safety, hockey gloves and helmets are recommended, and in fact are mandatory for play in our member leagues.

Any size or type of non-slip flooring can be used as a playing field. Red River Hockey league games are usually played at the Ag Building on the LA State Fairgrounds in Shreveport on a sports tile floor measuring 100’ x 50’. Extra players are kept on each bench, outside the playing surface, and interchanged with the players on the floor either during play or at a stoppage of play. 


The following are additional rules:

 • Face-offs are only conducted at the beginning of each period and after a score. After a freezing of the ball by the goalie or a ball brought back into play from out of bounds, the team possessing the ball has three (3) seconds to bring the ball in play from behind the goal/base line. Opposing players cannot attack the ball until after the three seconds expires or until the ball is played across the bass line.

• Penalties are called when a player commits a foul. See above information about penalties. Boxing out and minimal body contact is allowed. Other penalties such as tripping, slashing, cross checking, interference, and roughing will be enforced.

• No offsides and no icing/flooring.

• To score a legal goal, it cannot be kicked in; nor struck with a stick above the shoulders; nor pushed in using the hand, nor while offside.

• Slap shots are legal. (Competitive only) A goal can be scored from anywhere in the playing surface.

• Each team will be allowed one (1) 30 second time-out per game. We will play with a running clock. The clock will only stop for injuries and goals. If the score is within 2 goals, the clock will stop every time play is interrupted in the last minute.



Rink Set-Up:

We will play on one 100’ x 50’ court with 4 or 5 players per side (including goalies). Each team will have approximately 7-10 members. Goals are dek hockey 5’ x 4’


Game length:

 Youth – Three (3) - 10 minute periods with two (2) 2-minute intermissions

Adults – Three (3) - 15 minute periods with two (2) 2-minute intermissions

Win = 2 points

Overtime or Shootout loss = 1 point

Regulation loss = 0 points

Tiebreaker will be determined by 1) Regulation/Overtime Wins, 2) Head-to-Head Record, 3) Goals For 4) Goals Against  




In case of a tie game at the end of regulation, after a 2-minute break; the game will resume with a 5-minute, sudden death overtime period. If the score is still tied after the overtime period, the teams will participate in a shoot-out.

Shootout – Three (3) players from each team will alternate shooting at the goalie. Whichever team makes the most goals wins the competition and their team is awarded the deciding goal. If after one round the score is still tied, the shootout will continue with other players until we have a winner. The Home team decides which team shoots first.




All minor penalties will result in a 2-minute penalty. A double minor penalty will result in a 4-minute penalty. A major penalty will result in a 5-minute penalty. A player will be ejected for a major penalty and may be subject to further disciplinary action. Minor Penalties include tripping, hooking, holding, interference, and minor roughing, slashing, high sticking, etc.

Double minor penalties include but are not limited to severe minor penalties such as high-sticking and boarding.

Major Penalties include fighting, severe roughing, spearing, butt-ending, and any intention to harm another player.

Abuse of referees or officials will result in a minor penalty. Continuous abuse will result in a game misconduct major and may be subject to further disciplinary action.

Referees have full discretion of penalty calls.




Fans, Parents, and Friends: Don’t embarrass yourself and the players by acting like a fool. Cheer them on and be supportive. Never criticize another player. I have no problem asking someone to leave who is causing problems. Please respect the coaches, referees and volunteers. Continuous foul language around youth is not tolerated.



Other information:

Players will sweat a lot. Drink plenty of fluids the night before and throughout the game. Players are allowed to bring water and sports drinks. Please respect the facility by picking up your trash and disposing of it properly.



For any other questions of information regarding this league of any other hockey programs or events, please contact us:

Tommy Scott

Cell: (318) 423-1211


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